About Us

Groundbreaking team enabling applied AI solutions

Our team of experts has developed groundbreaking tools to train computer vision models. We have brought numerous AI products to market and understand the process end-to-end. We are here to support your company or research institution as we work to democratize artificial intelligence.

Our mission is to democratize the use of artificial intelligence.

We develop AI solutions by implementing and integrating simple, powerful, and reliable technologies. We apply modern, industry-accepted continuous integration / continuous delivery practices to ensure stable, scalable operations that can provide

  • real-time interfaces with up-to-date front-end frameworks that follow modern web standards
  • powerful gpu compute resources
  • containerized workspaces for stability, reliability, and security.

Our team develops user-oriented AI tools that are systematically designed to increase productivity, reduce waiting times, and simplify workflows.

Our group shares an enthusiasm for the impact that AI will continue to have on society, and we all have significant experience in developing and deploying robust applications leveraging cloud technologies, virtualization, deep learning, scientific analysis and real-time user interfaces.