HIGH SPEED Computer Vision for Remote Sensing Images


High Speed Computer Vision Analytics for Large-volume, High-resolution Remote Sensing Images

Deep Block Analytics is a remote sensing image analytics that can analyze more than 1.2GB image in 0.2 seconds.

선박 탐지

Supported Applications

Bi-temporal Change Detection

Bi-temporal Change Detection

Object Detection

차량 탐지

Image Segmentation

선박 탐지

Thermal Image Analysis

thermal image analysis

Lane Detection

도로 탐지

And anything else you need!


Our Customers

We work with governments and companies.

We are working with various institutions, governments and companies in Korea.





Public Organizations



Use Cases

We look forward to new challenges.

Deep Block Analytics is already being used in various fields.

  • Lane detection for car GPS companies
  • Surveillance solution for the government
  • Traffic detection for the local government
  • Illegal building construction detection
  • Satellite image tile classification for earth observation
  • And your problem!

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