The Fastest Eyes to Protect the Fatherland

Deep Block Analytics is the best remote sensing image analytics for protecting the motherland.

선박 탐지
tank detection

Scarecrow with the FASTEST eyes to scare off intruders

Supported Applications

Change Detection to Monitor Enemy Activity

Bi-temporal Change Detection

Object Detection

tank detection

Image Segmentation

선박 탐지

Thermal Image Analysis

thermal image analysis

And What Our Customer Needs

Why Deep Block?

High-speed, infinitely scalable software that can cover the ENTIRE territory

Deep Block Analytics can be parallelized, installed, and used in a web browser.
No matter how much data and territory we should protect,
Deep Block can be used in parallel.
With Deep Block and more hardware, we can monitor any territory, no matter how large it is.

How it works

Model Development, model deployment and datalink at ONCE
DO IT ALL at ONCE with Deep Block.

Deep Block is a No-code Computer Vision Model Development Platform with

  • Annotation tool for HUGE REMOTE SENSING IMAGES
  • Annotation tool that allows multiple users to perform annotation at the same time
  • FASTEST Image Data Pipeline for Huge Remote Sensing Images
  • The world's simplest and most intuitive graphical interface
  • Best engineering team to help the customer
  • API Service
  • Monitoring Dashboard and Alarm
  • Helping DATALINK Connection

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