Deep Block AI Suite

Train and deploy highly effective AI models, no AI engineers or coding required.


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The Deep Block AI Suite is a point-and-click AI model development platform. You can build your own AI without coding and computer science knowledge. 



Create Confident Computer Vision Models

AI models are only as good as the people who train them. Even the best AI engineers can't be experts in every domain. With Deep Block's AI Suite, your best domain experts can train models themselves using our intuitive point-and-click interface. 


Deploy Your AI Model Faster

Spread out training tasks among your team members. You don't need to know how to layer AI models to use Deep Block's AI Suite. Get started in about an hour. Reach full proficiency within a day. No AI engineer required.


All You Need is A Mouse

Our entire suite operates our easy-to-use graphical user interface in the cloud. This eliminates the need to buy high-end workstations with expensive GPUs. Our servers are optimized for training visual AI models. There's no need to bother with complicated installations or constant maintenance.

The hardest part of Computer Vision just became the easiest...

The most difficult and time consuming part of integrating AI into your research or application is training a model that reliably delivers the results you need. Usually, that requires a dedicated (and expensive) AI engineer. Deep Block's AI Suite allows your team to handle this crucial step in-house.

Deep Block's AI Suite is designed for teams training Computer Vision AI models.

  • Academic Researchers
  • Medical Researchers
  • Defense 
  • Remote sensing
  • Government Agencies
  • Surveillance
  • System Integrators

Ready to use Frameworks

Build your AI model faster. We've built a library of seven frameworks you can build on, giving you an enormous time-to-market or time-to-publication advantage.

  • Image Segmentation
  • Object Detection
  • Facial Expression Recognition
  • Face Detection
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Face Comparison
  • Style Transfer

Companies and Researchers Have Already Used Deep Block to Create Models to

Recognize digging boreal frogs

Recognize large ships at sea

Determine if people are wearing face masks

Detect Cars in aerial images

Identify traffic signs

Identify white blood cells

Deep Block






Private virtualized workspace

COCOjson export for training data

Full toolset for image pre-processing

Up to 12 GPU hours a month

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All Starter Features

Collaborative Workspaces

Up to 120 GPU hours a month

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Research Groups



All Professional Features

Up to 750 GPU hours a month

Supports high resolution image

Supports dicom file extension

Supports tiff file extension

Supports APIs

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Enterprise Solutions

For larger organizations with specific needs, we can offer advanced features and functionality, including:

  • Multi-node cluster
  • Advanced Security
  • Built-in data compliance
  • Priority Support
  • Custom Domain
  • Interface and workflow customizations
  • Self-hosted or Cloud-hosted
  • Access Provisioning
  • Advanced Auditing

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