Optimize resources with geospatial AI.

Modern agriculture and resource management demand innovative solutions to ensure efficient land use, optimal crop yields, and sustainable practices.

Problem, traditional methods of data analysis and manual interpretation fall short in harnessing the full potential of available geospatial data, inhibiting effective decision-making for agricultural productivity enhancement, sustainable resource management, and mitigation of environmental risks.

Deep Block, an AI-powered geospatial analysis platform, is at the forefront of addressing these challenges. By leveraging cutting-edge computer vision technology, Deep Block empowers Farmers and Natural Resources Managers to focus on intricate analysis and strategic decision-making, all the while automating data processing and interpretation tasks with remarkable precision and efficiency.

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Unearthing Resource Intelligence.

The Deep Block Platform revolutionizes Agriculture and Natural Resources Management processes by harnessing the capabilities of AI and machine learning. Through Deep Block, individuals gain access to the wealth of geospatial data, facilitated by repeatable and automated processes that enable efficient analysis and insights. The platform's prowess lies in its ability to process high-resolution imagery with exceptional speed and scalability.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_satellite
Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery holds the potential to provide valuable insights into the understanding of landscapes, encompassing agricultural fields, forests, water bodies, and mineral resources. This data aids in assessing land use, vegetation health, and resource distribution, supporting informed decision-making in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_airplane
Aerial Photography

Aerial photography, captured from aircraft or helicopters, serves as a complementary resource to satellite data, furnishing consistent and reliable results while minimizing atmospheric interferences. It aids in precise field assessments, forest health evaluations, and monitoring of water bodies, fostering effective resource utilization and conservation.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_drone
Drone Imagery

Drones facilitate targeted studies and reconnaissance missions. While drones cover smaller areas compared to traditional aircraft, their flexibility and precision make them adept at capturing imagery for specific regions of interest. From assessing soil moisture levels in agricultural fields to monitoring forest regeneration, drones provide valuable data for resource management strategies.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_camera
CCTV Footage

AI's capabilities extend to the analysis of security footage and smart systems, enhancing Agriculture and Natural Resources Management operations. This heightened analysis facilitates the consistent detection of potential threats, surpassing the capabilities of human operators. This proves especially beneficial for safeguarding critical resources such as agricultural fields, forests, and mining sites, fortifying surveillance efforts and bolstering threat identification.


Unveiling Insights Across Farming and Natural Resources.

Deep Block's advanced computer vision algorithms are revolutionizing the domains of smart farming and natural resources management by harnessing the power of geospatial data. Our platform empowers agriculture experts and environmentalists to efficiently process and analyze large volumes of data, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive sustainable resource management.

Deep Block_Farming and Resources_Cattle Monitoring and Grazing Management-min

Cattle Monitoring and Grazing Management

Monitor and analyze the condition of grazing lands, cattle, and livestock management systems. Detect and classify various cattle-related elements, identify overgrazed areas or potential health concerns, and provide valuable insights for optimizing cattle yield and resource allocation in livestock farming.

Deep Block_Farming and Resources_Mining Site Analysis-min

Mining Site Analysis

Analyze mining sites and mineral resource extraction areas using real-time data from various sources, including drone imagery and satellite data. This aids in efficient mine planning, assessing environmental impact, detecting land disturbances, and optimizing mineral extraction processes while minimizing ecological disruption.

Deep Block_Farming and Resources_Forestry Health Assessment-min

Forestry Health Assessment

Assess the health of forests and vegetation cover over time. Detect and classify different types of trees, identify areas prone to deforestation or invasive species, and provide insights for sustainable forestry management, reforestation efforts, and biodiversity preservation.

Deep Block_Farming and Resources_Water Bodies Management-min

Water Bodies Management

Monitor and manage water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. Detect changes in water levels, identify pollution sources, monitor aquatic vegetation, and provide insights for sustainable water resource management, ensuring clean and reliable water supply for communities and industries.


Harvest all your potential.

Deep Block supports a growing range of applications and lets you train your AI on multiple data sources. 

Deep Block_Farming and Resources_image semgentation-min

Image Segmentation

Assign pixel-level labels to distinct regions within images, unlocking insights for geospatial data analysis. This capability aids in identifying crops, soil types, vegetation patterns, and changes over time. By diving into this granularity, agricultural experts can optimize resource allocation, monitor crop health, and enhance land management strategies.

Deep Block_Farming and Resources_Object detection-min

Object Detection

Recognize and precisely locate objects within the context of the landscape. Detecting and delineating specific elements like crops, livestock, or equipment enables informed decision-making for optimal resource utilization, automated monitoring, and precise interventions.

Deep Block_Trade Analysis_Sustainable Trade Practices_AI-min

Change Detection

Uncover and classify alterations in natural landscapes using bi-temporal or multi-temporal imagery. By comparing images taken over time, the platform identifies variations such as deforestation, land cover changes, or water body shifts. This insight aids in sustainable land use planning, forest management, and preserving ecological equilibrium.


The world's fastest imagery analysis solution.

Deep Block's patented deep learning technology can process large file sizes instantly. This makes for a powerful solution to analyze satellite, drone, and aerial imagery.

Deep Block_the tech_max file resolution
10 GP pixels

Max file resolution
or 100,000 x 100,000 pixels images.

Deep Block_the tech_max file size
15 GB

Max file size
vs. 1 GB with our competitors.

Deep Block_the tech_processing speed


Deep Block_the tech_mAP
0.9 AP

Highly accurate prediction
when detecting objects.

Deep Block_the tech_recall
0.9 Recall

Highly reliable detection
with minimum false negatives.


When confidentiality and security are not only buzzwords.

At Deep Block, we understand the needs of large enterprises and public organizations and are willing to work closely with your team to ensure a smooth deployment and usage of the solution.

Deep Block Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Get additional security features to fit your compliance needs like VPN connection, monitoring, fixed IP, and others.

Deep Block Custom Domain
Custom Domain

Get your own enterprise account, allocated users seats, and branded domain.

Deep Block Self-Hosting Support
Self-Hosting Support

Host Deep Block in your own private cloud or on-premise for maximum security.

Deep Block Access Provisioning
Access Provisioning

Define user accesses and privileges to make sure that the right person has access to the right information.

Deep Block Workflow Customizations
Workflow Customization

Request custom interfaces, features, or workflows directly from our engineering team.

Deep Block Premium Support
Premium Support

Our support team will be monitoring your needs on the clock to ensure a smooth Deep Block experience.


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