Find small changes and objects in the nano world at high speed.

Discover the power of uncovering minuscule imperfections in the nano world, all at lightning speed.
Even the tiniest flaws in the micro world can unleash significant complications in the larger realm of technology.

As nanotechnology, material science, and semiconductor manufacturing technologies continue to evolve, everything gets smaller. However, the nanotechnology also amplifies the impact of minor defects on semiconductors, materials, and machinery.

Fortunately, Deep Block's cutting-edge machine vision technology, integrated with its ultra-high-resolution microscope image analysis, emerges as the ultimate solution to conquer these intricate challenges and eliminate imperfections.

Why are high-resolution images difficult to analyze?

Discover the countless challenges posed by large-volume, high-resolution images.

Discover the incredible challenges presented by large-volume, high-resolution images. These images are truly massive in terms of their size. Simply rendering high-resolution images on the front-end is a complex task, and combining such enormous images with machine vision technology poses an even greater challenge.

Due to their size and resolution, these images need to be divided and analyzed. However, this process brings a lot of problems, including speed problem and the potential loss of features when analyzing the countless fragments of the image.

Fortunately, by harnessing the power of Deep Block's computer vision technology specifically designed for ultra-high resolution images, your microscopic image analysis can be effortlessly automated, making it incredibly easy.

Supported Images

From typical images to electron microscopy, leave all your images to Deep Block.

Leave all your images to Deep Block. Our software is capable of handling a wide range of microscopic images, from simple PNGs to high-resolution videos up to 16K. Whether you're working with 2D tiff Transmission electron microscopy images or 3D tiff Scanning electron microscopic images, our software has got you covered.

Take control of your microphotography analysis today without any coding knowledge. Create your own machine learning model and harness the power of our state-of-the-art machine vision technology. Trust Deep Block to deliver accurate and efficient results for all your image analysis tasks.

optical microscopy

Optical Microscope

Harness the power of machine learning by building your own machine vision model for optical microscopy images with Deep Block. Alternatively, streamline your micrograph analysis by taking advantage of the comprehensive models offered by Deep Block.


Scanning Electron Microscope

Inspect the surfaces of your wafers and materials. Find small holes, defects, or structures in objects using Deep Block's machine vision model. If you have any questions about how to process 3D tiff images, contact the Deep Block team.


Transmision Electron Microscope

Unleash the power of machine learning to analyze your ultra-high resolution 2D Tiled TIFF images in a flash with Deep Block. Experience the convenience of Deep Block's intuitive microscopic image labeling tool, no-code training interface, and inference layout to effortlessly create your very own machine learning model.


Meet the FAST eyes that find small things in the microscopic world.

Deep Block provides computer vision solutions for high-resolution images to inspect the surface of your wafer or materials. Check out what you can do with Deep Block today.

Deep Block Image Segmentation
Image Segmentation

Partition any image into multiple relevant segments and regroup them under their respective class labels.

Deep Block Facial Detection-1
Object Detection

Identify, locate and label objects of any size within your image.

Deep Block Bi-temporal Change Detection
Image Comparison

Meet Deep Block’s deep learning technology that quickly finds changes and anomalies.

Use Cases

Inspection and Measure Wafers, Optical Instruments, and Nanomaterials!

Find tiny objects in giant micrographs.
It is very difficult to find smaller objects in an microscopic ocean. Quickly find smaller objects in a huge image of the small world!


Semiconductor manufacturing

Microscopes play a crucial role in semiconductor manufacturing. They are used for various purposes, including inspection, quality control, and failure analysis. By providing magnified views of semiconductor materials and components, microscopes enable manufacturers to identify defects, measure dimensions, and ensure the overall quality of the final products.

atomic force thin film

Thin film

Microscopy analysis is an indispensable tool in the characterization of thin films. It allows researchers to visualize the films at different scales, from the micro to the nano level. Various microscopy techniques, such as scanning electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy,  provide valuable insights into the morphology, thickness, composition, and defects of thin films.

battery 2

Battery manufacturing

Microscopy plays a crucial role in battery production, allowing manufacturers to analyze and understand the microscopic structures and components of batteries. By using powerful microscopes, researchers and engineers can examine the materials, interfaces, and defects within batteries, providing valuable insights into their performance and functionality.


The world's fastest imagery analysis solution.

Deep Block's patented deep learning technology can process large file sizes instantly.

Deep Block_the tech_max file resolution
10 GP pixels

Max file resolution
or 100,000 x 100,000 pixels images.

Deep Block_the tech_max file size
40 GB

Max file size
vs. 1 GB with our competitors.

Deep Block_the tech_processing speed


Deep Block_the tech_mAP
0.9 AP

Highly accurate prediction
when detecting objects.

Deep Block_the tech_recall
0.9 Recall

Highly reliable detection
with minimum false negatives.


When confidentiality and security are not only buzzwords.

At Deep Block, we understand the needs of large enterprises and public organizations and are willing to work closely with your team to ensure a smooth deployment and usage of the solution.

Deep Block Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Get additional security features to fit your compliance needs like VPN connection, monitoring, fixed IP, and others.

Deep Block Custom Domain
Custom Domain

Get your own enterprise account, allocated users seats, and branded domain.

Deep Block Self-Hosting Support
Self-Hosting Support

Host Deep Block in your own private cloud or on-premise for maximum security.

Deep Block Access Provisioning
Access Provisioning

Define user accesses and privileges to make sure that the right person has access to the right information.

Deep Block Workflow Customizations
Workflow Customization

Request custom interfaces, features, or workflows directly from our engineering team.

Deep Block Premium Support
Premium Support

Our support team will be monitoring your needs on the clock to ensure a smooth Deep Block experience.


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