Deploy your AI project in days, not months.

Train and deploy highly effective AI models, no AI engineers, expertise or coding required.


Choose the right AI for the job.

All the best training regimes start by choosing the right program for you. Get the best out-of-the-box training blocks for your brand new AI. Deep Block can analyze any type of image and provide your with results in a few minutes.

Deep Block Style Transfert
Style Transfert

Make any image adopt the appearance or visual style of another image.

Deep Block Image Segmentation
Image Segmentation

Partition any image into multiple relevant segments.

Deep Block Facial Detection-1
Object Detection

Identify and label any large or microscopic objects within your image.

Deep Block Facial Detection
Facial Detection

Identify human beings by analyzing their faces from pictures.

Deep Block Facial Expression Recognition
Facial Expression Recognition

Train your apps to recognize intuitively the reflection of a person’s emotional state.

Deep Block Facial Comparison
Face comparison

Compare two faces and determine if they belong to the same person and enable Identity based payments, security based access/deny system...

Deep Block Pedestrian Detection
Pedestrian Detection

Predict human presence, movements, and intention on the road.

Deep Block Bi-temporal Change Detection
Change Detection

Coming soon.

Deep Block Road Lane Detection
Road Lane Detection

Coming soon.

Deep Block_Data Labelling_Banner

Data Labelling has never been so easy.

Data Labelling is the foundational block of a good AI model. Deep Block give you access to an intuitive annotating tool that will get you started in a few minutes.


All you need is a mouse to manually draw bounding boxes or polygons to visually segment the objects that your want your AI model to detect.

Auto AI

Let the Deep Block on board AI estimate the next objects to annotate based on your current trajectory.


Your might be in luck! check out our project library to see if there is not already a similar data set available just for you!


Get the Deep Block team to work on your AI model directly and benefit from the experience and speed of our in-house experts.


Synergize! Get work done together faster.

Deep Block lets an unlimited number of  users label the same pictures at the same time. Synchronize on important projects and avoid duplicated work.

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AI Training,
at the push of a button.

We are not Blockchain traders but Deep Block trainers, and we make sure that our learning curve always goes up! Just push the Train button and let Deep Block do the rest.

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Your new AI is already here.

After training, your new AI model will be able to give your result in a few minutes. You can now use it directly into Deep Block, export it, or integrate it into your application using our API.

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The world's fastest imagery analysis solution.

Deep Block's patented deep learning technology can process large file sizes at instant speed. This make for a powerful solution to analyze satellite, drone, and aerial imagery.

900 MPS

Max. file resolution
or 30,000 x 30,000 pixels images.

3 GB

Max. file size
vs. 1 GB with our competitors.

0.2 FPS

Processing speed
or 1.2 GB / second.


Premium features,
for everyone.

Our core capabilities are available with all our plans. Just pick and choose the right price for you based on your usage.

Deep Block Private GPU Cloud
Private GPU Cloud

Get our most flexible and powerful hosting option for your Deep Block platform.

Deep Block Collaborative Workspace
Collaborative Workspace

Share your project with your fellow AI trainers and collaborate together in the same interface.

Deep Block Data Labelling
Data Labelling

Create the perfect data set for your AI training requirements with our intuitive annotation tool.

Deep Block Large File Support
Large File Support

Upload large image file with high resolution for your most demanding projects.

Deep Block Trained Model Export
Trained Model Export

Deep Block supports COCO JSON file export for all your large-scale object detection and segmentation dataset.

Deep Block API Integration
API Integration

Integrate Deep Block directly into your applications for even more automation and flexibility.


It sounds like a plan.

Our core capabilities are available with all our plans. Just pick and choose the right price for you based on your usage.

  • Monthly
  • Annually


Everything you need to get started.
  • Up to 12 GPU hours a month
Start for Free


Take your projects to the next level.
  • Up to 120 GPU hours a month
Start Now


Unlock our most powerful option.
  • Up to 750 GPU hours a month
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Everything you need to get started.
  • Up to 12 GPU hours a month
Start For Free


Take your projects to the next level.
  • Up to 120 GPU hours a month
Start Now


Unlock our most powerful option.
  • Up to 750 GPU hours a month
Start Now
What is a GPU hour and how much do I need?

A GPU hour is the sum of the duration of each individual GPU that's been used for deep learning. Each time your train your AI or process your raw files to extract predictions from your AI model, Deep Block calculate the time spent processing your information and display it in your billing tab. To estimate the number of GPU hours you would need per month, feel free to contact sales and get an estimate.

What are the features included in each plan?

All our core features are included with our Essential, Pro and Expert plans. Only our entreprise features are available on demand. Feel free to contact sales for any additional information.

Can I try Deep Block for free?

Yes you can try Deep Block for 30 days for free, just by registering your email account, no credit card required.

Can I cancel my subscription when I want?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime from your settings page. When you cancel, you will lose access to the Deep Block platform at the end of your billing cycle. Make sure you export all your data sets before the cancellation goes into effect.


When confidentiality and security are not only buzzwords.

At Deep Block we work with you to make sure everything is properly segmented so that the wrong person does not have access to critical information.

Deep Block Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Get additional security features to fit your compliance needs like VPN connection, monitoring, fixed IP...

Deep Block Custom Domain
Custom Domain

Get your own enterprise account, allocated users seats, and branded domain.

Deep Block Self-Hosting Support
Self-Hosting Support

Host Deep Block in your own private cloud or on-premise for maximum security.

Deep Block Access Provisioning
Access Provisionning

Define user accesses and privileges to make sure that right person has access to the right information.

Deep Block Workflow Customizations
Workflow Customization

Request custom interfaces, features or workflows directly to our engineering team.

Deep Block Premium Support
Premium Support

Our support team will be monitoring your needs on the clock to ensure a smooth Deep Block experience.


Interested? Lets get in touch!

Whether it is to get a demo of our Deep Block Platform, inquire about our learning courses, join our latest bootcamp or explore custom solution with us, we will be happy to help!


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