Pixel Perfect Geospatial Intelligence.

Deep Block is the world's fastest AI-powered geospatial analytics platform where you can uncover insights from remote sensing imagery and chart ever-changing landscapes.


If it can be seen, it can be detected.

Deep Block satellite icon

Satellite instruments can observe remote environments without putting people or equipment at risk.

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UAVs play a growing role in surveillance and inspection operations. They offer good results for targeted studies.

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Security footage, onboard cameras, and bodycams are now subject to be analyzed using the power of AI.


Secure a vigilant ally in observing the world.

Use AI for the seamless detection and immediate alerts of any observable events in remote sensing imagery across the planet.

Deep Block Change Detection-minChange

Identify temporal discrepancies between images taken at the same place.


Deep Block Object Detection-webObject

Identify, locate, and classify objects of any size within your image using bounding boxes.


Deep Block Image Segmentation-minImage

Detect and classify areas of interest within an image using polygons.



Computer Vision suite

Access a streamlined and powerful one-stop-shop platform for your Geospatial MLOps projects. Train and deploy your computer vision models in just days. What is MLOps?


Deep Block_how it works_annotate

Label your data sets using Deep Block's intuitive interface and collaborate on your projects with your team.

Deep Block_how it works_train

Analyze and track your model performances and progress throughout your training sessions and check results instantly.


Use your new models directly in Deep Block and even analyze high-resolution remote sensing imagery on the fly.

Deep Block_how it works_connect

Integrate your models into your own application using Deep Block's API and share your results with the rest of the community.


A true cross-industrial powerhouse.

Deep Learning can apply to a variety of use cases. Deep Block gives you the tool to achieve your ambitious computer vision projects and to provide a sense of sight to all your applications.

What is geospatial MLOps and how does it work_IR Imagery_ISR_Deep Block_GeoAI-minIntelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

What is geospatial MLOps and how does it work_IR Imagery_InfraRed_Deep Block_GeoAI-min
Urban Planning

What is geospatial MLOps and how does it work_Drone Imagery_Deep Block_GeoAI-min
Infrastructure Management

What is geospatial MLOps and how does it work_IR Imagery_InfraRed_Deep Block_GeoAI-1-min
Farming & Resource Management

What is geospatial MLOps and how does it work_Lidar Imagery_Deep Block_GeoAI-min
Smart Systems

What is geospatial MLOps and how does it work_IR Imagery_InfraRed_Deep Block_GeoAI-2-min
Trade Analysis


The world's fastest imagery analysis solution.

Deep Block's patented deep learning technology can process large file sizes instantly. This makes for a powerful solution to analyze satellite, drone, and aerial imagery.

Deep Block_the tech_max file resolution
10 GP pixels

Max file resolution
or 100,000 x 100,000 pixels images.

Deep Block_the tech_max file size
15 GB

Max file size
vs. 1 GB with our competitors.

Deep Block_the tech_processing speed


Deep Block_the tech_mAP
0.9 AP

Highly accurate prediction
when detecting objects.

Deep Block_the tech_recall
0.9 Recall

Highly reliable detection
with minimum false negatives.


They trust us.

Deep Block works with various public and private institutions and organizations on a growing range of applications (GIS, Research, Security, Surveillance, Medicine,...).


Learn how to build Computer Vision AI in only 36 hours.

Get to learn the core knowledge, practical skills, and latest trends in Python Programming and Deep Learning technologies. Even students without prior knowledge in programming can take these courses.

Deep Block Course 1 Programming
Python Basics
  • This course is for students who are new to programming and who want to get into Deep Learning technologies.
  • 12 Hours
Deep Block Course 2 Machine Learning
Deep Learning Basics
  • You will understand modern AI technology trends and learn basic deep learning theories and frameworks.
  • 12 Hours
Deep Block Course 3 Machine Learning
Deep Learning Intermediate
  • You will learn about the latest AI models that are actually used in the industry, and implement and use these models yourself.
  • 12 Hours
Deep Block Course 4 Machine Learning
Deep Learning Advanced
  • You will learn about the technology needed to develop AI services in large enterprises. You will then combine these technologies for your final project, and build your own AI service and AI development portfolio.
  • 12 Hours

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