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Deep Block
AI Suite

I want to train my own AI model

The Deep Block AI Suite lets anyone train computer vision models and develop research workflows, no AI or coding knowledge required.

Deep Block
Custom AI Solutions

I need support implementing AI

We are experts in computer vision and object detection and can help you implement AI into your own workflow.

Deep Block

I want to learn AI essentials

Our AI Academy teaches you the fundamentals of AI to improve your efficiency and get the most out of this promising technology.

A Few of our Current Projects

Deep Learning on Deep Block

At Deep Block, we are building a browser-based application for drag-and-drop computer vision. Our platform is specialized for analyzing high-resolution microscopy and satellite images.

AI-powered ECG data analysis application

Based on our experience in developing Deep Block and various AI solutions, we also developed AI healthcare software for IOS devices and provided it to our customer. We have implemented this app with Swift and the AI ​​model inference system for analysis.

Aerial image analysis for public services

We are providing an AI-based detection analytics based on Deep Block for automating aerial photograph analysis work of government agencies. Deep Block is a software that can process high-resolution images, Since Deep Block supports a function that can process high-resolution aerial images, we provide annotation tool and analytic dashboard UI for aerial image analysis. With Deep Block, the government automated illegal building construction and automobile detection.

Anomaly detection for closed-circuit security

With our expertise in computer vision, we worked with one of top vendors of CCTV security systems in South Korea to deploy an anomaly detection system. The system helps our partners' users eliminate thousands of hours of manual review for surveillance.


[TUTORIAL] Image Segmentation

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[TUTORIAL] Pedestrian Detection

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