Transforming cities through advanced geospatial analysis.

Urban planners face a significant challenge in extracting meaningful insights from vast geospatial data to make informed decisions.

Problem, traditional methods of data analysis and manual interpretation are time-consuming and limited in effectiveness, hindering efficient addressal of pressing challenges like infrastructure management, environmental sustainability, and disaster preparedness.

Deep Block, an AI-powered geospatial analysis platform, is specifically designed to tackle these challenges. By harnessing cutting-edge computer vision technology, Deep Block empowers urban planners and decision-makers to focus on detailed analysis and strategic decision-making while automating data processing and interpretation tasks.

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Unearthing Urban Intelligence.

Deep Block Platform revolutionizes urban planning and decision-making processes by leveraging the power of AI and machine learning. With Deep Block, anyone can harness the wealth of geospatial information through repeatable and automated processes, enabling efficient analysis and insights. The platform excels in processing high-resolution imagery with remarkable speed and scalability.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_satellite
Satellite Imagery

Sattelite imagery can offer valuable observations to understand large city landscapes such as building, infrastructure, and population density and distribution across cities.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_airplane
Aerial Photography

Aerial imagery, obtained from planes or helicopters, complements satellite data by offering consistent results and minimizing atmospheric artifacts. Although it covers a smaller area, aerial photography delivers high-quality and reliable information for urban planning applications.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_drone
Drone Imagery

Drones have emerged as a valuable asset in urban planning, providing targeted studies and reconnaissance. While their range is relatively limited compared to planes, drones offer flexibility and precision in capturing imagery for specific areas of interest.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_camera
CCTV Footage

The power of AI extends to the analysis of security footage and other smart systems. This enables a more consistent detection of potential threats, surpassing the capabilities of human operators to enhance surveillance operations and threat identification.


Unlocking data blind spots.

Deep Block's advanced computer vision algorithms revolutionize the field of urban planning and smart cities by harnessing the power of geospatial data. Our platform empowers urban planners to efficiently process and analyze large volumes of data, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive sustainable urban development.

Urban Infrastructure Monitoring_Deep Block-min

Urban Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor and analyze the condition of roads, bridges, buildings, and other critical infrastructure elements. Detect and classify various objects, identify structural issues, and provide valuable insights for maintenance planning and resource allocation.

Land Use and Zoning Analysis_Deep Block-web

Land Use and Zoning Analysis

Identify and classify different land use categories, such as residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational areas through time. This information aids in effective urban development planning, optimizing land utilization, and detecting illegal constructions.

Disaster Preparedness and Response_Deep Block-min

Disaster Preparedness and Response

Analyze real-time data from various sources, including drone imagery and CCTV footage, to aid in emergency response planning and post-disaster damage assessment. This enables proactive measures, efficient resource allocation, and effective recovery strategies for cities and their residents.

Environmental Conservation_Deep Block-min

Environmental Conservation

Detect and track changes in vegetation, identify potential areas of environmental concern, and support initiatives related to urban greening and sustainable development. These insights contribute to the creation of environmentally friendly and livable cities.


Use all the arsenal at your disposal.

Deep Block supports a growing range of applications and lets you train your AI on multiple data sources. 

Image Segmentation_Urban Planning_Deep Block-min

Image Segmentation

Assign pixel-level labels to different regions within an image. Applied to geospatial data, it can help identify buildings, land-use patterns, vegetation cover, or even changes over time. This level of granularity enables cities to monitor and analyze spatial dynamics, supporting environmental assessments, infrastructure planning, and urban growth modeling.

Object Detection_Urban Planning_Deep Block-min

Object Detection

Recognize objects and precisely locate them within the geospatial context. By detecting and delineating individual objects, such as vehicles, trees, or infrastructure elements, cities can gain insights into spatial distribution patterns and make informed decisions accordingly.

Change Detection_Urban Planning_Deep Block-min

Change Detection

Discover and identify discrepancies in ground objects using two (bi-temporal) or more (multi-temporal) images taken by the same type of sensor, at the same geographical location. It can indicate the addition or removal of buildings which is one of the main uses for urban and public space management, cadastral map update, and illegal constructions detection.


The world's fastest imagery analysis solution.

Deep Block's patented deep learning technology can process large file sizes instantly. This makes for a powerful solution to analyze satellite, drone, and aerial imagery.

Deep Block_the tech_max file resolution
10 GP pixels

Max file resolution
or 100,000 x 100,000 pixels images.

Deep Block_the tech_max file size
15 GB

Max file size
vs. 1 GB with our competitors.

Deep Block_the tech_processing speed


Deep Block_the tech_mAP
0.9 AP

Highly accurate prediction
when detecting objects.

Deep Block_the tech_recall
0.9 Recall

Highly reliable detection
with minimum false negatives.


When confidentiality and security are not only buzzwords.

At Deep Block, we understand the needs of large enterprises and public organizations and are willing to work closely with your team to ensure a smooth deployment and usage of the solution.

Deep Block Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Get additional security features to fit your compliance needs like VPN connection, monitoring, fixed IP, and others.

Deep Block Custom Domain
Custom Domain

Get your own enterprise account, allocated users seats, and branded domain.

Deep Block Self-Hosting Support
Self-Hosting Support

Host Deep Block in your own private cloud or on-premise for maximum security.

Deep Block Access Provisioning
Access Provisioning

Define user accesses and privileges to make sure that the right person has access to the right information.

Deep Block Workflow Customizations
Workflow Customization

Request custom interfaces, features, or workflows directly from our engineering team.

Deep Block Premium Support
Premium Support

Our support team will be monitoring your needs on the clock to ensure a smooth Deep Block experience.


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