Application Store

Deep Block enables its users to choose from a variety of applications. 

They are made available through the Application Store.

All applications are currently available at no cost.

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Deep Block applications are divided into two categories.

  • Computer vision applications: these applications use computer vision algorithms and techniques to process and analyze visual data, for example, images, from the real world. the goal of computer vision applications is to extract meaningful information from the visual data in order to perform tasks such as object detection, image recognition, face detection, face recognition, and others. They have the ability to automate processes, increase efficiency, and improve the overall accuracy and reliability of information.

  • Image processing applications: image processing is a subfield of computer vision that focuses on the manipulation and analysis of images. An image processing application uses algorithms and techniques from image processing to perform various tasks on digital images. Overall, image processing applications play a critical role in the analysis and understanding of visual data, and they have the potential to greatly impact and improve various industries and fields.

Deep Block applications allow users to choose between two types of models:

  • Pre-trained models: pre-trained models are models that have already been trained on large, diverse datasets and can be used to perform various tasks, such as object detection, image classification, and semantic segmentation. These models have been trained on large amounts of data and have learned to identify and extract features from images.

  • Custom detector builders: custom detectors are models that are trained specifically for a specific task or dataset. Custom detectors are created by fine-tuning pre-trained models on a specific task or dataset, or by training a model from scratch on a smaller dataset. These models are designed to perform well on specific tasks, such as detecting objects in a specific environment or recognizing specific objects or areas.

Deep Block provides the following combinations: