Target Tracking

Automate the operations of your UAVs and aircraft.

Objects visible from an aerial view appear small, and in some cases, the aircraft's EO sensors have very high resolution. High-resolution images cannot be processed in conventional ways, and analyzing high-resolution EO images at high speeds is even more difficult.

Deep Block's high-speed machine vision technology for ultra-high-resolution images leads the way in making your aircraft and multi-rotor drones more intelligent.

Deep Block offers cutting-edge on-device computer vision software that can be seamlessly integrated onto both aircraft and drones. By harnessing this advanced technology, you can effortlessly emerge victorious on the battlefield with autonomous mission aircraft and multi-rotor drones that are impervious to electronic warfare.


Unleash the power of Artificial Intelligence for target tracking, untethered from the grasp of electronic warfare.

Aircraft and drones that communicate with a command center are vulnerable to electronic warfare attacks. Not only is it exposed to the threat of enemy SIGINT collection, but your UAVs are also useless in areas where there is no network connection. However, Deep Block's on-device machine vision technology enables your aircraft to perform fully autonomous missions.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_airplane
Aerial Photography

Manned aircraft and heavy unmanned aircraft are equipped with advanced EO sensors capable of capturing high-resolution images. While analyzing these large aerial photos can be challenging, the installation of Deep Block on the aircraft allows for automatic target tracking.

Deep Block_Remote sensing_drone
Drone Footage

Welcome to the era of modern warfare, dominated by UAVs. Every day, vast numbers of compact multi-rotor drones are deployed on battlefields worldwide, revolutionizing the very essence of combat. These diminutive yet powerful UAVs effortlessly disable trenches, efficiently strike adversaries at a fraction of the cost, and reshape the landscape of the warfare.

Ingeniously evading radar detection, these small multirotor drones confound the sophisticated air defense systems, rendering them futile and wasteful.

Furthermore, their construction is remarkably economical, allowing for swift and cost-effective deployment. With the introduction of Deep Block, the need for operators to control your small UAVs will become a thing of the past.


Choose the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that best suits your needs for integrating artificial intelligence.

Larger drones can carry more bombs and higher resolution sensors. And the high-resolution photos taken by the drone must be analyzed QUICKLY. Small multi-rotor drones must seek out infantry or lightly armored objects. Adopt artificial intelligence object tracking technology tailored to the size of your drone.

small UAVs

Small UAVs
Track enemy infantry with a small drone. To create a highly advanced fleet of intelligent UAVs in the challenging computing environment of small UAVs, the ultimate solution lies with Deep Block.
Deep Block_How to train accurate AI models for Building Segmentation-1

Large Aircrafts
Outfit your aircraft with Deep Block's cutting-edge AI technology for aerial photography, empowering you to neutralize a wide range of enemy targets such as tanks, radars, buildings, howitzers, and air defense weapons.
Your large drones can execute precision bombing missions autonomously, eliminating the need for human intervention.

The world's fastest imagery analysis solution.

Deep Block's patented deep learning technology can process large file sizes instantly. This makes for a powerful solution to analyze satellite, drone, and aerial imagery.

Deep Block_the tech_max file resolution
10 GP pixels

Max file resolution
or 100,000 x 100,000 pixels images.

Deep Block_the tech_max file size
40 GB

Max file size
vs. 1 GB with our competitors.

Deep Block_the tech_processing speed


Deep Block_the tech_mAP
0.9 AP

Highly accurate prediction
when detecting objects.

Deep Block_the tech_recall
0.9 Recall

Highly reliable detection
with minimum false negatives.


When confidentiality and security are not only buzzwords.

At Deep Block, we understand the needs of large enterprises and public organizations and are willing to work closely with your team to ensure a smooth deployment and usage of the solution.

Deep Block Advanced Security
Advanced Security

Get additional security features to fit your compliance needs like VPN connection, monitoring, fixed IP, and others.

Deep Block Custom Domain
Custom Domain

Get your own enterprise account, allocated users seats, and branded domain.

Deep Block Self-Hosting Support
Self-Hosting Support

Host Deep Block in your own private cloud or on-premise for maximum security.

Deep Block Access Provisioning
Access Provisioning

Define user accesses and privileges to make sure that the right person has access to the right information.

Deep Block Workflow Customizations
Workflow Customization

Request custom interfaces, features, or workflows directly from our engineering team.

Deep Block Premium Support
Premium Support

Our support team will be monitoring your needs on the clock to ensure a smooth Deep Block experience.


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